Video Tutorial: How To Make Zero Waste Art

 I love creating art, but I don’t like all the waste that I create when I use pens and paint. Thankfully I stumbled upon a zero-waste alternative in the outdoors. Nature offers us a plethora of art supplies.
 Not only is outside art non-toxic, it is free. Anybody can create art and by capturing it with a camera, can sell prints of their art. I’m definitely not the first person to realize this, but I am grateful to have the experience of stumbling across a giant peace sign and heart that had been made of rocks and bricks, and left in the canyon by my house. Those random pieces of art inspired me and sent me on a new journey with art. 
 Here is a short video of my process.
What are you waiting for?
Peace and hugs, Leah
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My newest video- Word Art and Affirmations

Check out my newest video about my my book Word Art and Affirmations. I published this last year. It is a collection of word art from the past few years. I have set it to some nice classical music. This is a great chill out video that will also inspire and bring joy to you.

Words have the power to brighten or darken our moods and the moods of those around us.
In the case of people we interact with regularly, our words and actions impact their whole

Ask anyone who was teased in school or has been the topic of nasty gossip. Look at
women, men and children who are victims of domestic violence. Even society pressures us
and tells us we are not perfect and that we need to change who we are to be happy.
We are barraged with words that affect us negatively on a daily basis. It should be no
surprise that negative words affect our self esteem and change how we see ourselves. While
it is not always possible to ignore negative comments, we have the choice to not give any
power to the words that are meant to hurt us.

Start your day off with a positive affirmation and put positive, encouraging, complimentary
words in your mind. When you say your positive affirmation enough and take actions to
make your life better, your life and confidence will improve. The change will not be
immediate. You have to say the words enough so they become true to you.

We have a choice of what words to use. Become aware of the words you use when talking
to people and talking to yourself. Are you being positive or negative? Are you agreeing with
others when they put themselves or another person down? If you need to change how you
talk, start slow with a few positive comments each day. Think about when we meet people
that we want to impress. We are on our best behavior and say positive words to that person.
We can act this way around our partners, family and friends as well.

We simply must be aware and be open to change.

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34 Seconds

So last night I stayed up late working on a comprehensive video for my book. I had a good background, lighting and a video recorder. I tried a few different takes and an hour later I sat down to watch my work. Well I looked great, but the audio is broken and I could not hear myself. LOL!

I was upset, so I decided to make a 34 second video(that’s all the time available) on my phone.
This is not the most professional video in the world, but I wanted to see what I sounded like. I also wanted more info out in the public eye, about my book, “I Am More Than Just A Girl”.

You can watch my 34 second video on YouTube at this link:

I am working on a more comprehensive video. It will be ready as soon as possible. I also am going to make separate videos on the topics covered in my book. My hope is one or two will go viral and my book sales will really take off.

I also created a slideshow of photos from the book that you can see here:
This video is 1 minute and 20 seconds

Stay tuned!