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Smart is Beautiful. Does your child know?

Take that all you silly shirts aimed at young girls and boys.  Telling them studying is stupid. Partying is better. blah blah blah! I would not let my daughter wear a shirt that says something along the lines of instead of homework I’d rather be at the MALL.   I am sure she would be. Well I secretly hope she will rather be saving the wetlands or fighting for human rights or heck even setting up a lemonade stand than the mall. Bu every good parent knows what a child wants is not necessarily what they need.

So thank you Justice brand clothing for this design.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!   We need this message more often. We don’t need pretty girls acting in movies and pretending to be smart. We simply need to focus more attention on smarts and less on the drama of whoever flashed their underpants on the next hot reality show.  It isn’t just about girls either,  I see ignorance and stupidity marketed to boys as well. Violence is a more popular theme with boys and it is no better than promoting a girls just want to have fun mentality. Than there are the Girls rule Boys drool.  UGH! I am sure most boys just roll their eyes,  but I’d wager it makes some feel that maybe they are lame.



I have more suggestions:





Thanks for reading, leave a comment. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON YOUR CHILDREN’S CLOTHING?



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Empowering Discussions

Quit Stereotyping Me!

Once again women are under attack for being smart and more of American youth are getting messages that education is stupid. The issue today is clothing with sexist messages used to sell clothing. Could these messages be partly to blame for our nation falling behind the education of other countries? Absolutely.When you hear a message over and over again it becomes part of your life and will form your opinions whether good or bad!

Want to do something? You can sign this petition or at the very least use it to start a conversation. The only real positive change comes from people deciding not to put up with negativity anywhere.

I would be just as outraged over a guys shirt that said “Sensitive is Stupid” or “Real Men Hate Pink”. There is no reason to perpetuate gender stereotypes that make people feel bad because they like something that is mainstream!

What was the last sexist message you absorbed and how did it affect you?