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Meet Phyllis Chesler

If you haven’t heard of Phyllis Chesler, than you are missing out. In my opinion she is one of those amazing women that more people should know of so they can expand their thoughts on what it is to be human. I don’t agree with everything she preaches of course, but she has a lot of valuable information and is an activist for human rights.  She gives a voice to common sense on serious issues. She writes about everything from art and culture to honor killings. If you want sugar coated news and opinions than steer clear. Phyllis is for people who can think for themselves, make their own opinions and take action.

My favorite book she wrote is Letters to a Young Feminist. If you want a heartfelt book on what feminism really is than this is an inspiring and  informative book. It is also not very long. I finished it in 2 days.

Check her out here:

It is important to not just express our own opinions but to learn about others. We can learn so much more when we look through another persons eyes because they often have very different experiences than our own. No matter what certain people believe different is good. Different makes this world go round and round. If we all saw everything the same what would be the fun?

Who is someone you admire? Who makes you think, inspires you and encourages you to take positive action? Please leave a comment and if possible a link to where we can learn about that person.


Empowering Discussions

Quit Stereotyping Me!

Once again women are under attack for being smart and more of American youth are getting messages that education is stupid. The issue today is clothing with sexist messages used to sell clothing. Could these messages be partly to blame for our nation falling behind the education of other countries? Absolutely.When you hear a message over and over again it becomes part of your life and will form your opinions whether good or bad!

Want to do something? You can sign this petition or at the very least use it to start a conversation. The only real positive change comes from people deciding not to put up with negativity anywhere.

I would be just as outraged over a guys shirt that said “Sensitive is Stupid” or “Real Men Hate Pink”. There is no reason to perpetuate gender stereotypes that make people feel bad because they like something that is mainstream!

What was the last sexist message you absorbed and how did it affect you?