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Wonderful, Powerful, Brave, Infallible….

We are all POWERFUL beings of LOVE. Yea that’s sounds corny as hell, but in light of the hate that has been given permission to grow by the trump administration here in the USA(a nation built on stolen land) the past few years, it’s a message we need to embrace. We have a choice each day. We can believe that hate and violence is inevitable or we can believe that love and mediation is unstoppable and INFALLIBLE. I won’t tell you which to choose. Your life is your journey to discover, listen, and learn. But I HOPE, more than anything that you choose to be BRAVE, release hate, prejudices and biases, and embrace the truth that you are capable of being love to all, in all situations.

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Coloring Pages

Deep Inside You Are Powerful – Coloring Page and Affirmation




Affirmation for Confidence
Deep inside I am strong and powerful. I am in control of this situation. My reaction is completely up to me. Strength, ability and knowledge, intelligence, balance and power all reside inside me and will always be there for me to access.

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