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Book Review: “Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works” by Michelle Minero – This isn’t a traditional “”diet” book!

The Self Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works” is not a book about losing physical weight or how to diet better. It is an opportunity to lose the mental weight of our issues that chain us to eating disorders.

Author Michelle Minero, a licensed therapist, shares invaluable lessons and therapies that any of us can use to create a healthier life which doesn’t involve obsessing over our pant size. Her book may be that extra tool you need to retrieve your inner strength and heal from an eating disorder. As she says in the book, “We need to be able to tap into the potency of the power that comes from loving ourselves.” She cautions that though it is “tricky”, it is absolutely possible.

diet book, self love, michelle minero, eating disorder bookSome of the points I really enjoyed were about the damaging effects of becoming malnourished from eating poorly, the effects of family, religious and ethnic beliefs which can cause hate or love toward our bodies and learning how to see our bodies as instruments vs. ornaments.

She also writes about the science of mirror neurons which are a relatively new discovery that explain how we learn by watching others and absorbing ideas. Have you ever tried the exercise of looking into a mirror and telling yourself “I love you”? The first time I tried this I felt silly, but over time I’ve noticed that it does make me feel good to see myself saying I love you. It’s similar to when a family or friend tells me they love me. Self-love is indeed as important as receiving and giving love to others.

Each chapter offers action steps and loving exercises you can take to heal or help someone heal. My favorite action to take is starting a self-love journal. For most of my life I’ve used writing to help me with issues and heal from trauma. Starting a journal can feel daunting so I recommend you personalize your journal and make it fun. In my journal I write inspiring quotes to myself and decorate each page with colors and illustrations.

While I don’t personally have an eating disorder, this book is a great reminder to love my own body after the many years I spent degrading myself in a vain attempt to look as beautiful as an airbrushed model.

I highly recommend reading this book if :

-You are dealing with an eating disorder.

-You have a loved one, or even a co-worker, who is dealing with an eating disorder.

-You have a poor body image.

-You want to learn more about eating disorders.

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*Be aware the author does mention God, however it is not to push a specific religion down your throat, but as a spiritual resource. If it was religious I wouldn’t be reading it.

Michelle E. Minero is a Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist who has dedicated her work to helping people recover from eating disorders and body-hatred. Michelle graduated from the University of San Francisco with a B.A. in psychology in 1976 and a master in counseling in 1988. She created the Quest Program, an intensive outpatient eating disorder program for PsychStrategies Inc. in 2000. She brought the ANAD support group to Petaluma and founded Eating Disorders Recovery Support Inc. in 2005. Learn more at and

What do you love about yourself? What parts of yourself could you learn to love more?


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Are You Tired of Feeling Bad About Yourself and Your Body? Show Love for Yourself This January in the 2015 Self-Love Writing Challenge

Self-love is important because deep inside YOU truly know what is best for you, how you need to feel good, what you need and why you deserve to be the best person you can be. Life is challenging and along the way others will be wonderful guides for you you, but why rely solely on others when you can be your own guide. I really support this idea of self-love. It’s one way I was able to overcome my depression and start living without fear of not being good enough.

January 1st marks the Love Warrior Community’s 5th Annual 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge. In 2014 there were 100 participants who wrote over 500 self-love writing posts.

“Each day, we’ll focus on a Self-Love Diet Tip or action for you to follow on the Love Warrior Community. You can share your writing here and post it on this Facebook event page, you can submit your writing to be published on the Love Warrior Community website, anonymously or not,  or you can write in your own Self-Love Diet journal”

Learn how to participate at:

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Ending Eating Disorders Requires Dedication: Meet the Nominees for the 2014 Love Warrior Award

It’s tough out there for a woman! Well really it’s tough for men and children too. On top of the struggle to live, we are inundated with ridiculous ideas and unattainable images in the media of how we should look.  Are you as sick and tired of such blatant self-hate inducing marketing? I sure am and am doing something about this prevailing attitude of perfect bodies needing to be skinny and asymmetrical.

So what am I doing it about it? I am fighting back with love.

A few years ago I gave up TV, greatly reduced my consumption of movies, and stopped looking at any magazine with diet tips or photos of too-skinny “models”. This wasn’t easy. Media played a large role in my development since puberty. Magazines were especially hard to give up on account of my love for fashion. Still I felt icky consuming so many hours of fake, judgmental entertainment. Letting go of it has been a huge help in loving myself. In fact it was probably the only way I could love myself. If I had continued to fill my mind with images of unattainable “perfection” I would still hate my body. Unfortunately turning off the TV won’t get rid of images on billboards, magazines in the checkout line, and being around my fellow citizens.

That wasn’t enough, so a year ago I wondered if I could every feel pretty without makeup so I whittled it down to foundation and eyeliner. Eventually I tossed those as well. To my own astonishment I can finally look in the mirror and feel good. I see frizzy hair mingled with grey, uneven eyes, and blotchy skin, but those just seem like a part of me now. Let’s not forget how breast obsessed we’ve become! I have barely A cups so that used to be an enormous self-esteem issue for me. Ditching the padded push up bra was like ripping off my eyelashes! The bottom line is I’ve decided to love ALL of  myself. Why not? There is everything right with my body and there is everything right with yours! We are all made of imperfect perfections.

Now all that said, you can still want to lose weight, get in shape, or crave smoother skin. However for your mental and physical health you need to do those things out of self-love, out of wanting to be healthier. You should never want to change your body because you feel like you are not good enough. You should wear makeup because it’s fun; not to hide, but enhance a feature. Once you love yourself completely the mean words of others won’t hurt you. You’ll be able to roll your eyes and laugh at their insecurity. I never thought that could be true until I did it. Change the way you look at your body, your weight, your face. Look at yourself with love and respect and only look at yourself that way. We can change. We must change for all future generation, for every impressionable youth, and for ourselves., eating disorder recovery

On to the finale!

This post is a lead up to the wonderful news that I have been nominated(along with some well celebrated names) as a Love Warrior nominee which is an award given by Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc. This amazing organization promotes self-love and is working towards the end of eating disorders. So who are the 2014 love warrior nominees? Joe Kelly, Demi Lavato,  Rae Smith, Connie Sobczak,  and Matt Wetsel. Learn more, and meet ALL the nominees at Maybe in 2015 you will be the next Love Warrior!

Celebrate yourself, ALL of yourself because you only get one body and one chance in this lifetime.

What do you love about your body? Is your favorite feature your height, eyes, hair, nose, knees, butt, stomach, or everything? Please leave a comment below.


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Self love diet by Michelle Minero
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A Challenge for Women to Drop the Weight of Self-Hate: Why Unconditional Love is the Healthiest Part of Your Diet

All over the world we are seeing women and girls suffering from eating disorders, dangerous dieting trends, and low self-worth brought on by the saturation of unrealistic and unattainable body images throughout the global media landscape. Even young girls in elementary school are not immune to having a negative view of their prepubescent bodies. This January the Love Warrior Community & are changing that by providing a safe space for women to love their bodies during their annual 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge.

The challenge was started by mother and daughter team, Michelle and Emelina Minero who created the Love Warrior Community in 2010. Michelle is a therapist with a goal of ending eating disorders as founder of the non-profit Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc., and author of “Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works.” Emelina is a writer, editor and community builder. Aside from her work with the Love Warrior Community, she founded The Human Experience in her quest to promote diversity in “everyone’s human experience,” and also writes for popular media outlets such as Curve Magazine.

The Love Warrior Community uses creative expression for healing and to increase self-love, self-acceptance and body acceptance. Women can consume, and produce their own, body positive writing, videos, art, music, and images. “What we’re creating is an aggregate of inspiring and body positive media to help people develop their own self-love practice,” says Emelina. “It’s an alternative to the negative and body critical media that exists in mainstream culture – in magazines, in movies, in TV shows, in commercials, in everyday conversation – it exists everywhere, and we’ve created a hub of body positive and uplifting media.”

Whatever issues you are dealing with, accepting yourself as you are will help you succeed. As a young woman I was exposed to constant media images and that coupled with comments from my peers instilled in me disgust for my body around the age of 12. My breasts were never large enough, my stomach never flat enough, my nose and feet were too big, and my hair was too frizzy. I could go on, but you get the picture, I hated my body because it wasn’t perfect. Having such a negative view of me was a large source of my depression, wreaking havoc in my relationships, causing me to doubt my talents, and feel miserable any time I wanted to go out in public.

I was fortunate to never become so obsessed with my body that I hurt myself. However several of my friends, relatives and co-workers suffered through unhealthy dieting, anorexia, bulimia, and even plastic surgery in their quest for acceptance. Some of them eventually learned to love themselves, but there are still those who are so insecure they have passed self-hate along to their daughters.

It wasn’t until age 30 that I stopped obsessing over my own body. I started by using less cosmetics and focusing more on what I saw as my best features. Change didn’t happen overnight. It was an arduous journey. The real tipping point was when I changed my thinking. Reading articles about people who had “imperfect” bodies and chose to accept and love that body without question was a real help. About 18 years of self-hate and I can finally say that I love my body. Though I still desire to look good, it’s not out of a need to look like a model. I am contentedly happy naturally and this gives me a feeling of freedom and confidence that shows up in other parts of my life.

Every once in a while, a negative thought jumps into my mind, such as comparing my small breasts to women with a larger cup size, but those thoughts don’t last because I immediately recognize those as unnecessary. Personal appearance should be about self-expression and your own comfort, not about what an advertisement or celebrity endorses.

My story is not unique. In the first year of the challenge it was only Michelle and Emelina sharing posts of self-love. This year had 27 entries on the first day alone. As the challenge grows and our culture evolves it has become easier for women to make a conscious choice of embracing their bodies as perfectly imperfect.

Emelina admits to having her own self-doubts in the past concerning her sexual orientation, she came out publicly when she was 19, and a mental health diagnosis. “I still wasn’t completely comfortable with my identity as a lesbian after I came out. I no longer feel like my sexual orientation is something that I should hide. This past year my self-love journey has largely revolved around realizing that I have bipolar 2 disorder,” says Emelina. Despite social stigmas of sexual orientation and mental health, she is not only able to accept herself, but she is able to support and offer resources to others on the path of self-acceptance.

Self love diet by Michelle MineroEvery submission of self-love will enter the participant in a drawing to win an autographed copy of Michelle Minero MFT’s book “Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works,” as well as her upcoming Self-Love Diet e-products. Women who are not comfortable sharing their proclamation publicly are encouraged to write a daily post in a private journal. Self-Love Warrior, where the 31-Day Self-Love Writing Challenge is hosted, is the Love Warrior Community’s group blog where anybody can submit or read self-love writing. The self-love writing is unique to each writer and explores whatever they are working on and where they are in their self-love journey.

Are you ready for a change in how you view yourself? The challenge starts with one question, “How would your life be different if you loved yourself and your body?”

You can join the challenge at  and at

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