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Ending Eating Disorders Requires Dedication: Meet the Nominees for the 2014 Love Warrior Award

It’s tough out there for a woman! Well really it’s tough for men and children too. On top of the struggle to live, we are inundated with ridiculous ideas and unattainable images in the media of how we should look.  Are you as sick and tired of such blatant self-hate inducing marketing? I sure am and am doing something about this prevailing attitude of perfect bodies needing to be skinny and asymmetrical.

So what am I doing it about it? I am fighting back with love.

A few years ago I gave up TV, greatly reduced my consumption of movies, and stopped looking at any magazine with diet tips or photos of too-skinny “models”. This wasn’t easy. Media played a large role in my development since puberty. Magazines were especially hard to give up on account of my love for fashion. Still I felt icky consuming so many hours of fake, judgmental entertainment. Letting go of it has been a huge help in loving myself. In fact it was probably the only way I could love myself. If I had continued to fill my mind with images of unattainable “perfection” I would still hate my body. Unfortunately turning off the TV won’t get rid of images on billboards, magazines in the checkout line, and being around my fellow citizens.

That wasn’t enough, so a year ago I wondered if I could every feel pretty without makeup so I whittled it down to foundation and eyeliner. Eventually I tossed those as well. To my own astonishment I can finally look in the mirror and feel good. I see frizzy hair mingled with grey, uneven eyes, and blotchy skin, but those just seem like a part of me now. Let’s not forget how breast obsessed we’ve become! I have barely A cups so that used to be an enormous self-esteem issue for me. Ditching the padded push up bra was like ripping off my eyelashes! The bottom line is I’ve decided to love ALL of  myself. Why not? There is everything right with my body and there is everything right with yours! We are all made of imperfect perfections.

Now all that said, you can still want to lose weight, get in shape, or crave smoother skin. However for your mental and physical health you need to do those things out of self-love, out of wanting to be healthier. You should never want to change your body because you feel like you are not good enough. You should wear makeup because it’s fun; not to hide, but enhance a feature. Once you love yourself completely the mean words of others won’t hurt you. You’ll be able to roll your eyes and laugh at their insecurity. I never thought that could be true until I did it. Change the way you look at your body, your weight, your face. Look at yourself with love and respect and only look at yourself that way. We can change. We must change for all future generation, for every impressionable youth, and for ourselves.

edrs.net, eating disorder recovery

On to the finale!

This post is a lead up to the wonderful news that I have been nominated(along with some well celebrated names) as a Love Warrior nominee which is an award given by Eating Disorder Recovery Support, Inc. This amazing organization promotes self-love and is working towards the end of eating disorders. So who are the 2014 love warrior nominees? Joe Kelly, Demi Lavato,  Rae Smith, Connie Sobczak,  and Matt Wetsel. Learn more, and meet ALL the nominees at www.EDRS.net. Maybe in 2015 you will be the next Love Warrior!

Celebrate yourself, ALL of yourself because you only get one body and one chance in this lifetime.

What do you love about your body? Is your favorite feature your height, eyes, hair, nose, knees, butt, stomach, or everything? Please leave a comment below.


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