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Issue Ten of Radical Zine is Here – Creative Healing and Independent Artists

Oh my gosh it’s 2019! How amazing this seems to me. I’ve been publishing Radical for more than a year now. It feels wonderful. I want to keep it going for years, maybe even decades. I’m filled with awe imagining all the ways it will evolve.

This issue is focused on the winter months theme of hibernation to allow us to dive deep into our self-care and fires to keep us warm. Do you like to hibernate during the winter months? I find myself saying No to activities with others and Yes to time with myself. This is my third year of living with the seasons and it grounds me in a way that I never experienced before. I highly recommend giving it a go.Maybe you have a real fire pit that you warm your hands around on the cold days and nights, or maybe you’re focused on the fire inside of you. Either way fire is a powerful symbol of rebirth.

In this issue I’m stoked to introduce a new artist Lauren Elizabeth, whom I had the joy of working with at the San Diego Museum of Art. She is a talented and colorful artist that shares emotions both happy and sad, in her work. I hope you enjoy it. Regular contributors include the always fantastic Kendal Fong, Inisa Fajra, Wendy Rodriguez, Erik Reyes, Chief Lady Bird and myself.

Download this issue at Patreon.com/Loviedo or read it on Issuu.com/RadicalArt.

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