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What Are Your Wildest Expectations?

Mine are to make a positive difference in the world while creating what I love through art and writing. According to Honie Briggs, one of her wildest expectations is “…everyone on the planet needs clean water, fresh air, nutritious food and liberty to be at their best. Each of us deserves to be free from […]

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple is the newest partner in our 5oo Blog-Raiser Challenge. This blog covers topics of “marriage, family and all that goes with that.”  Ron and Shawn are married and write the blog together. What experience do they have?  The best kind. They have been married TWENTY-SEVEN years and raised three children.  Whether you […]

Gorgeous Gems

Thanks to GorgeousoCity blog for joining my blog challenge.  This blogger is ‘Sharing Gems of Gorgeousness’ by writing about beauty and skincare – particularly of the natural and organic variety. This former beauty editor took the jump from working for someone else to creating independence with her own business.  One of my favorite posts is about eidble beauty oil […]

Simply Stated, A Social Media Superstar!

A big thank you to BCB Social Media for joining the 500 Blog-Raiser Challenge.  If you are looking for strategies and tools that actually work for social media marketing than follow this blog. The articles are well written so everything is easy to understand. I loved the post about using third party apps that can […]

Love to Shop?

When you need a gift for  a wonderful friend or when words do not feel like enough gratitude, check out the Live Laugh Love To Shop blog and website. They have a great selection of products for just about everyone. The name is a good indication about how much fun this blog is! You will […]

The Power of Two

What does the power of 2 accomplish?  Anything you want.  In this case, I joined forces with Deb Lamb of Your Everything Services so that we could each expand the reach of our blogs and our brand. Deb has posted about my book in the newsworthy category of her blog. http://youreverythingservices.com/i-am-more-than-just-a-girl  In return I am posting […]