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What Are Your Wildest Expectations?

Mine are to make a positive difference in the world while creating what I love through art and writing.

According to Honie Briggs, one of her wildest expectations is “…everyone on the planet needs clean water, fresh air, nutritious food and liberty to be at their best. Each of us deserves to be free from poverty, fear and oppression.” That’s pretty wild to most people, but not impossible. I love that she writes without judgement, but is still opinionated. If you need a laugh, a mental bandaid or inspiration subscribe to her blog.

Honie is an indie author with a diverse and unique background. She is a veteran of the Air Force, a mother, a traveler and an inspiration for dreamers.  She has self published a book of fiction, “Summoning the Strength“. Her book follows Katherine Doyle  as she and the women in her life  make way through a changing world.  What I really like is when she states  “Grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and daughters make the same journey no matter the vehicle.” This is so true, but one it took me some time to learn.  We all have ups and downs, life is not perfect for anyone even those at peace because we do not live in a world of peace. We live in a world where the the one thing you can count on is we will change.  Even with cahnge, we will all take the same journey from birth to death.


This blogger has joined my blog challenge with her post, She is one of 500 bloggers who will share my book with girls and young women. My book can be read for free on my website and has resources and information for empowering young women. It is non-denominational and not affiliated with any organizations.


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