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“Everybody’s life is valuable and we can’t lose sight of that or else we lose our humanity.”

 “Everybody’s life is valuable and we can’t lose sight of that or else we lose our humanity.” Dr. Tom.

This is a quote from a documentary The Heart of Nuba. While I tend to shy away from movies about “white saviors in Africa”, this quote really stuck with me. I like to think I would risk my life for others, but that thought seems completely irrelevant when compared to people who regularly put their life on the line.

This movie follows a Tom Catena, a surgeon from the USA living and working in Sudan, Africa. He is part of a community under siege by their own government. Bombs are dropped regularly, people are maimed or killed, and families are traumatized. This is on top of other health concerns. Tom, along a team of nurses and medical staff is the only surgeon within 200 miles. He seems very committed to his work, despite the danger of being blown up and rarely being able to see his family.

What makes someone stay in a situation like this?

How do some of us choose work that is so stressful, yet has such impact?

Why is it so easy to watch a documentary like this and continue on with our lives as they have been?

He could leave if he chose, but if so people would die. I cannot watch the violence in a numb sort of horror without wondering why our species hasn’t been able to eradicate war.

You can watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/Iova_etOUeQ Perhaps it will inspire you to be more compassionate towards others.

*Thankfully, as of February, there has been a one year cease-fire on the Nuba Mountains. http://www.blrck.com/great-news-dr-tom-catena-heart-nuba You can stay updated on Nuba here: https://www.nubareports.org

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