Poetry: Existing Without Words

“Human traits that span the entire spectrum…” said Omar.

Each of us seeing the world through different lenses

Neither good nor bad

We exist

We are born in our unique truths


Words were meant to help us

We used them to label us, betray us

Why do we insist on who is good and who is bad?

How do we decide who is right and who is wrong?

Where can we go without words?


What if we used words to heal, to lead us to different ideas, to a world where words are simply suggestions, not rules.


I was me, but they labeled me different

They told me I was wrong, that I was bad, that I was broken

I believed them, their words became my religion

Living it for seventeen years

Dying a little each day.


Finally, I said -ya basta-

Those are not my labels

I will define myself

Now I have changed again, a stronger version of me

I am removing the labels

Peeling off each one carefully so as not to leave any marks

I exist without words

You exist without words

Once upon a time we all existed without words

Maybe one day we will live that way again.

>>>>> Thank you for the unintentional writing prompt Omar. <<<<<<

I’m an artist & writer on a mission to bring healing arts into the mainstream. If you would like to support my heart work, please consider becoming a patron at Patreon.com/Loviedo. As a patron, you will receive exclusive rewards and support the following projects:

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