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Take the Elevator

Imagery can be one of your self-care tools. Focusing on an image and guiding yourself into a new mental space can help you step away from unwanted emotions or anxiety that are causing you stress. When I get stuck in my head and negatively react to others I will take the elevator to my heart.

In my mind the elevator is a calming blue color with soft waves of dark blues and greens. The doors have a large butterfly mural reminding me that transformation is part of life. There are only two buttons; one to my brain and one to my heart. The buttons are a cheerful yellow that reminds me of sunshine and warmth. As I begin my descent to my heart, the air cools off and I feel lighter. Gentle loving thoughts enter my brain and beautiful violin music plays Canon in D Minor, my favorite song. The doors open to piles of soft fluffy pillows that look like clouds. A warm golden light and a scent of the ocean fill the air. There are books, snacks and fresh brewed tea for me to enjoy. I feel peaceful and able to rest here in safety and love.

Your imagery can be whatever you want it to be. Maybe your elevator is blasting loud dance music or your favorite blues singer. Maybe your heart is a rock concert or your favorite hiking spot. It can be dark and quiet or loud and cheerful. The idea is simply to visualize a place where YOU feel safe and peaceful.

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