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Guided Meditation

In the beginning meditation always seemed too intimidating. I could never make it to thirty minutes of not thinking. Even 5 minutes was often too much to handle. Then I found guided meditation and this worked great. I could totally focus on the voice of another for thirty minutes or more. I enjoyed and despised a variety of podcasts and videos until I found the ones that worked for me.

One of my favorite meditation practices focuses on awareness, clarity, focus and peace.

-Awareness: I’m aware of my body and how it feels.

-Clarity: I see that I need to rest, listen more and practice self-care. (What do you need?)

-Focus: I will focus on incorporating these actions into my daily rituals.

-Peace: By doing this I create ripples of peace in my life that spread into our world.

Become conscious of your actions. When your intuition speaks do you resist or react in accordance to the guidance? When making decisions about money, relationships or personal goals we often repeat thoughts we’ve learned from others which tend to be negative or don’t work in our particular situation. Learn to differentiate between helpful and learned behavior by asking one simple question. “Is this sustainable?”

Pema Chodron is a famous Buddhist nun who has guided meditations for millions of people. I love her talks and often listen to one before sleep. She is very wise without taking life too seriously. She has quite a few videos on YouTube.

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Feeling overwhelmed from this lesson? Need a fun break?

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Have you ever wondered what you could do -what possibilities would open up- if you didn’t feel overwhelmed by depression?


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