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I’m So Excited!! A Challenge I’ve Been Wanting

I’m so EXCITED that the crowdfunding campaign I’m working on has passed the $1,000 mark. This may not seem like much but this is a BIG DEAL to me for two reasons.

First of all the campaign is for The Grassroots Oasis, a new event space for progressive grassroots organizing, local music and art in San Diego. These are all close to my heart and I really hope this space sticks around for many years and give San Diego the resources to be a shining example of how banding together a community can create progressive sustainable change.

Second, this is a chance I’ve been waiting for to prove that I can be a great fundraiser. Years ago I created the Investing In Women Grant program and for 3 consecutive years awarded micro grants of $500, to women business owners in the USA. A few years after that I worked at the Women’s Resource Center in Oceanside and closely watched the woman in charge of fundraising. Her work was so rewarding, fun and just a little challenging that I found myself often wishing to have that same experience. Now I’m working on a campaign and if it’s succesful hoping to use that as a door into a salaried fundraising career.

I’ll post another update when we hit the $3,000 mark. 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about this campaign or just love me so much you want to contribute already than visit http://igg.me/at/go-sd. Our end goal is $16,000 which I’ve seen to be an achievable amount for this type of campaign.



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