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Crowdfunding Goes Native: Free Crowdfunding

Over the past 2 months I’ve been working on a crowdfunding campaign and LOVING the challenge. With my experience fundraising and marketing I’m able to use so much of what I know while also learning so much more. Fundraising is an art that requires much patience, research and planning. So I was excited to hear about a new crowdfunding site that supports Native communities. If you think about the continued lacking representation of Native Americans it’s depressing. When was the last time you saw a Native on TV or in a movie. If the only thing that comes to mind is the latest Johnny Depp movie than you maybe you can understand why this crowdfunding site is important.

NativeGiving.org was created by First Nations Development Institute to support the innovation and inspiring work being done by native communities. AND they are offering this service complete free! “First Nations will incur all processing, administrative and handling costs. Thus, 100% of the gifts made to these groups will go to furthering your selected organization’s mission.

They’ve already helped successfully fund several projects such as the College of Menominee Nation in Wisconsin, Oyate Teca Project in South Dakota. S.T.A.R. School in Arizona, Sust’ainable Molokai in Hawaii and Zuni Youth Enrichment Project in New Mexico. Learn more and show your support for our native sisters and brothers at NativeGiving.org.

If you’d like to see the campaign I’m working on visit Igg.me/at/go-sd or “The Grassroots Oasis” on Facebook.com/grassrootsoasis.


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