Social Action

The Root of the Problem

After going back and forth in a conversation about the death penalty I though about the root problem. Prevention is a key component in eradicating violence (and unhappiness).

How about if our world was less focused on war or justice and more on peace and prevention. For example after working in a domestic violence/ sexual assault center I saw just how much pain and death could be avoided if women were taught to be strong, be aware of warning signs, and to know better than to return to their abuser. It’s harder to kill your wife or girlfriend if she knows enough to leave your sorry ass and or can fight back.

Another example are programs that pull kids off the streets and teach meditation, anger and stress management, and mediation techniques. They are less likely to use violence to solve their problems, but only if they KNOW they have a choice. That is prevention.

If we can eradicate violence as a solution, we can end crappy ideas like the death penalty and reduce our need for prisons.  Then we would have even more tax dollars to spend on education, health care and building sustainable energy. That’s what I have learned in all my different community work.

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