Simple Definitions

I see a lot of people making life more complicated and thus more stressful for themselves and others. So I am sharing some simplicity for you to consider. This is what I know and you are welcome to share your own definition of these or other words as long as they are civil. For instance the silly people that leave comments calling me a twat never get published. (though I do get quite a laugh at those)

Love is just wonderful. It is given and received out of compassion, respect, attraction and gratitude.  That doesn’t mean you can’t hurt someone you love or be hurt by someone who loves you.  Accidentally hurting someone is okay and shouldn’t make you completely doubt your ability to love or be loved. Hurting someone on purpose is not love. Someone who hurts you on purpose is controlling you or abusing you, but NOT loving you. Don’t let this confuse you. People who love you will treat you well, but at some point piss you off or make you upset. The difference is those who love you do not hurt on purpose.

Feminism is just a term that expresses an interest for women to be treated equally in society on a similar level as men. You can be a feminist and be anti abortion or pro abortion. Abortion is a reproductive right and there are various reasons for being for or against it. Being a feminist has nothing to do with makeup, shaving your legs, hating men, being a lesbian or not knowing your place. Feminism is simply a stance on women’s rights and in the end just a word, our actions are much more powerful. *Men and boys can be feminists too.

Normal gets tossed around a lot. It can be used as a term for endearment or condemnation. It is overused. What is normal depends on your life experiences. It is not a bad or good thing. It is just a descriptive word, mostly used by governments to keep people in line and by advertisers who want to sell a lot of  product.

Tolerance means you are not judgmental or controlling of others.  This is a wonderful and necessary quality to nurture because we live on a planet with seven billion plus people who are all unique. You can either teach yourself to be tolerant and enjoy learning new things, meeting amazing people and seeing the world through different eyes or you can live your life in a negative, non accepting, homogeneous manner. “Live and let live” is a message of tolerance.

Heaven is in your heart, not someplace good people good when they die.   We create heaven or hell in our lives through our own beliefs and actions.  So give yourself a break and create heaven now instead of waiting to be saved by someone else. You are capable and gifted.

Peace is awesome!  There is peace with others, peace with yourself, peace with unexpected events and world peace.  You cannot make peace without first being at peace. Peace starts with you.

Wealth means you have a lot of something. It is not necessarily money, gold or material objects. You can be wealthy with love, family, friends, experiences, memories and whatever you choose to grow in your life.



6 thoughts on “Simple Definitions”

  1. Well said Charley. Thank you for joining the conversation and thank you for being a feminist.

    I like your view on abortion. I am pro women having whatever right they wish for their wombs. I believe abortion is definitely an individual decision that should not be made the same for every person.


  2. Great definition Soma. I really learned the power of asking last year. For so long I thought I could and should do it all on my own. I can do it better with help and people WANT to help so asking is very intelligent.

    Humans are communal beings anyway so it makes sense.


  3. I wish they had a “LOVE” button as well as the “LIKE” button. These are great definitions and reveal your heart on the crucial things. I think we all should be able to define words like these from our various perspectives. Shared meaning is the foundation for good dialog, I think.

    For the record, I consider myself a “feminist” in that I believe that women are at least as powerful as men and more so in many cases and have equal rights, pay, access, etc.. We simply have differing default “roles” especially in family life. The physiological differences are trivial – except for the womb.

    As for abortion rights (and responsibilities), I am generally opposed to abortion as birth control and should only be considered as an absolute last resort. A woman’s’ womb is her most awesome responsibility – hers alone. It is a complex issue that cannot be dealt with except one case at a time, in my opinion.

    A woman’s lending of her womb to a new Human Being comprises the ultimate act of hospitality. I kind of wish I had one.


  4. HELP- just ask when you need and ask how the other person needs your help….
    Just make it simple-ASK
    we just assume others will understand what and how we need something and then when it comes to us helping others we go ahead and do what we think is right,
    but the way i see it , if you want to help someone better ask that person how he wants to be helped. sometimes in a rush to help we complicate things for others


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