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Book Review: “At The Broken Places” by Mary Collins and Donald Collins

This is a powerful book. It’s not violent, not exciting, but powerful. I really enjoy books about the queer experience and this one was no exception. At The Broken Places by Mary Collins and Donald Collins is written by a mother and her son who is trans.  They share their painful experience of transformation that started when Donald was a teenager. 
 This book opened me up to a new perspective on being the parent of a trans kid. Mary shares how she grieved and felt unsupported in her grief for the daughter she had birthed and raised for fifteen years. The idea that a parent loses a child when that child transitions has never crossed my mind. But wow does it make sense. I know grief from many experiences. It is an emotion we should talk more about. It appears so differently for each individual, but has a power that can be overwhelming and exhausting. It can be a weight lifted or a devastating blow that deathly sorrow.
I highly recommend this book if you are interested in Trans issues, grief, and the relationships between parents and children.

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Book Review: “The Road To Transition” by Bree Record

 I love to read and write reviews of my favorite books. I will choose a book over a movie almost any day and I want more people to read because books are an experience all to their own! Usually I know what to expect from a book, but some books are not so easy to understand. “The Road to Transition” by Bree Record is slightly poetic and wild, which is what I love most in literature. It is also about an experience in life that I can’t relate to, as I’m not Transgender. In the beginning of the book I felt a little lost, no doubt like the author has felt at points in their life. As the story progressed and I had a clearer understanding of the protagonist, I couldn’t wait to get to the finale! I could feel the struggle and pain they felt as if I was there. Sometimes I felt sad, scared and doubtful. Other times I felt brave, hopeful and happy.

 One part of the book really resonated with me. “I know that I will always be the child of Sarah and Steven. Everybody is the sum of their parts. My goal is to live a truthful blending of the two. I want no more false parts. In that I hope to find true peace and ultimately happiness and joy. I hopefully think that peace is the gateway to joy. On that day Bree will be truly free.” – Bree Record

I grew up in a racially diverse family and spent a good deal of my life philosophizing and obsessing over who exactly I am and with whom do I actually belong. As a human being it’s comforting to know that despite our unique experiences in who we are, we can each find a commonality in our struggles and our successes. We only have to listen.

 I recommend this book for those who have ever felt confusion over who they are or fought hard to be something they were not. Those who enjoy reading about the multitude of different experiences felt through out humanity would also enjoy this.

 I accepted a request to review this book because of the topic. My community includes family, friends and many acquaintances in the LGBTQ community and I see the hate that those who are Transgender face on a regular basis. I want more people to read this book and similar books so we can all be more knowledgeable and empathetic the unnecessary challenges in a cultures so obsessed with being “normal”. Knowledge leads to empathy which leads to acceptance.

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