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Book Review: “At The Broken Places” by Mary Collins and Donald Collins

This is a powerful book. It’s not violent, not exciting, but powerful. I really enjoy books about the queer experience and this one was no exception. At The Broken Places by Mary Collins and Donald Collins is written by a mother and her son who is trans.  They share their painful experience of transformation that started when Donald was a teenager. 
 This book opened me up to a new perspective on being the parent of a trans kid. Mary shares how she grieved and felt unsupported in her grief for the daughter she had birthed and raised for fifteen years. The idea that a parent loses a child when that child transitions has never crossed my mind. But wow does it make sense. I know grief from many experiences. It is an emotion we should talk more about. It appears so differently for each individual, but has a power that can be overwhelming and exhausting. It can be a weight lifted or a devastating blow that deathly sorrow.
I highly recommend this book if you are interested in Trans issues, grief, and the relationships between parents and children.

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