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You are Beautiful – book excerpt

Go to the mirror right now and tell your reflection you love her.

Say clearly and out loud “I LOVE YOU”.

Love your body, it’s the only one you have. Be grateful for your body. Tell yourself that you are beautiful. Say clearly and out loud “I AM BEAUTIFUL”.

There are images everywhere of how people are supposed to look. You see models and movie stars with perfectly smooth skin, skinny bodies, wearing revealing clothing, painfully high heels and a gallon of makeup. This is only one idea of beauty. It is not real though. It is an illusion. You are being sold a way of looking and told you will only be beautiful if you look that way. It is just not true. You are beautiful. Look around you at your family, friends and strangers on the street. What do you see? Do you see perfection or do you see people who look different and beautiful? We are all beautiful in our own unique packaging.
We have different skin colors, heights, weights, hair colors, and textures. We have scars, some of us have lost limbs or lost hair, but we are still beautiful. We are not all shaped the same way. Some of us are very curvy, some of us not so much. We like to dress in colorful scarves, jeans, skirts, boots, sandals, T-shirts! We are casual, elegant, messy. We stand out! Beauty is up to you, the individual. It is what you see and love. We create our own definition that belongs to each us and it is not the same.
Don’t believe that you have to look a certain way to be beautiful.
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter what anyone says.

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