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While Shining a Light on White Priviledge Vs. Black Oppression, We Ignore Natives and Jail Women

I’m so happy that people around the country are out in masses protesting in the names of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, but where are the protests for Corey Kanosh and Marissa Alexander.

Corey was shot and killed by police for a crime he didn’t commit. Corey was suspected of stealing a car and the deputy that chased him down shot him dead. Without a video of the incident there is no way to know exactly what happened, but why are so many police officers so quick to kill unarmed men?  Countercurrentnews.com/2014/12/justice-for-corey-kanosh/#  Even without protests we can support Corey at Gofundme.com/CoreyDeeKanosh

corey kanosh

Marissa was a victim of domestic violence. While being attacked by her ex-husband she fired a warning shot into a wall and was convicted of assault. Despite the decision being overturned she still goes to jail. It doesn’t even make sense! Show your support for Marissa at Freemarissanow.org

marissa alexander

I’ve seen many protest and riots in the name of men who have been killed in violent situations, but in my lifetime I’ve never seen that for women or Native Americans. Where are the massive protests and highway shut downs for these victims of injustice? Are Native Americans and Women still this undervalued by society?

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Rico Gray Tries to Kill Ex-Wife and Prosecuter Angela Corey Wants to Punish the Woman For Firing Warning Shot

Despite what we would all love to believe, domestic violence against women is still a MAJOR problem. The recent example of how we blamed the abused ex-wife of Rico Gray is proof. In 2012 Rico Gray attacked his ex-wife, Marissa Alexander. She was rightly terrified and during the incident she got hold of a gun and she fired a warning shot to scare him away. Prosecutors tried to send her to prison for 20 years. Amidst public outrage she was freed, but now a racist and obviously mentally deranged prosecutor named Angela Corey is trying to send Marissa to prison for 60 years.

I can’t believe Angela is even allowed to do this when there are real criminals who she should be going after, such as abusive husbands. This just makes me sick to think that we are still blaming victims, still being so racist, still encouraging a system where men are free to harass and kill women. More than sick, I’m outraged!

Marissa did the right thing trying to scare off a dangerous man. He should be in rehabilitation and she should be hailed as a hero. As for Rico Gray, he wasn’t arrested for beating her this time, but he has 3 previous arrests for domestic violence and a judge ruled him to stay away from Marissa. There are even texts from him threatening her.  http://thegrio.com/2013/11/13/lawyers-marissa-alexanders-ex-husband-texted-if-i-cant-have-you-nobody-can/ It boggles the mind why a victim of domestic violence who did not even shoot her abusive ex husband is being treated as a criminal.

You can do something about this injustice, sign the Credo petition calling on Florida governor Rick Scott to suspend Angela Corey and free Marissa now! http://act.colorofchange.org/sign/StopCorey_credo/

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