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Write Yourself Love Notes

If you love receiving valentines, how about writing yourself love notes throughout the year? Below are sample love notes. I encourage you to write your own unique notes as well!

“Hello you beautiful unique light. Thank you for today. You are capable. You are a natural problem solver. You are compassionate. You are an inspiring creative being.”

“You are a little stronger than yesterday. Eres un poco mas fuerte que ayer.”

“You are the light we need in this world.”

A body love letter: “You are my home, my constant friend. I cannot live without you. I’m so grateful for all of my body. I am lucky to be so healthy. You are wonderful and beautiful. Thank you.”

“Please remember you are amazing.”

“I hope today feels balanced, joyful, productive, relaxing and full of laughter. This is the first day of the rest of your life. Live it well. Love and peace from your secret admirer.”

“Your journey is valid. Don’t allow the world to shame you for your skin color, weight, abilities, education, beliefs, failures, sexual orientation, mental health or failures. You deserve a life of love.”

“You are intelligent, capable, accomplished, a shining light in my world. You are also imperfect and for all of those reasons I love you.”

“I love and respect your unique spirit.”


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