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Lesson Four: Nurture Your Self

This lesson revolves around nurturing what we want to grow and allowing ourselves to feel all our emotions without judgement. Self-care is vital to healing from depression.  Finding our true self is not easy when we feel too depressed to do much of anything, but it helps us create a strong foundation to continue healing, and not revert to our old ways of living.

Nurture What You Want to Grow!

What do you want to nurture?” This may be one of the best questions to ask as we start another revolution around the sun.

As I continue forward with creating a healthy life of balance, how I answer is very important. The years have been full of grief, healing, transition, taking chances and many new friendships. Since I no longer have my mother’s presence I’ve learned to be my own “guide”, encouraging myself to be courageous, take chances, speak up and say “YES!” I’ve failed at these often and it’s difficult to not allow those failures to push me backward. But I cannot go back to the fearful person I once was.

Have you ever experienced a profound lesson and were then unable to see the world as before? It’s both liberating and scary. Suddenly we have no choice but to change. We can’t unlearn. We may attempt to ignore it, but once we have new knowledge it becomes a part of us. We have changed.

In the new year, I want to nurture new lessons so they become habits. This means paying close attention to my thoughts, words and actions. I will have to remind myself constantly or I will forget and become frustrated. However, it will be worthwhile once those lessons become ingrained in my mind. It’s important to remember there will always be new lessons and to be open to those.

Does this sound like a lot? Commit to tiny changes, work on as little or as much as you want. What matters is YOU choosing what is most important to your true self.


  1. Reflecting on the past year, what has served me?
  2. What has stunted me?
  3. What do I want to nurture?
  4. How can I do that?
  5. What resources are already available?
  6. What new resources do I need to nurture myself?

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