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Bring Creativity Into Your Life

Pick up a paintbrush or crayons or just a pencil and express your emotions. Expressive art therapy is a real thing and it is very healing.

  1. Learn an instrument like guitar, violin, piano or ukulele and create your own music.
  2. Create an art collage with a positive and encouraging message for yourself.
  3. Take a bucket of sidewalk chalk out to the streets and write positive messages on the sidewalk.
  4. Create your own magazine just for yourself or to share with family and friends.
  5. Paint, sculpt, draw, collage, knit, yarn bomb, take up photography, just do something that moves your spirit into a place of creation.

One of my favorite self-care creative outlets is coloring. When I was feeling desolate about my job search last year I started creating a coloring book full of healthy affirmations because I love affirmations and love to color. It came out so well that I shared it with family and friends so they could add a little positive creativity to their life. Now I make a new coloring book almost every month. You can print out my free coloring books on the Coloring Book page.


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