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Are You a Pathetic Loser?

-Pathetic. Loser. Freak. Ugly. Stupid. –

I said these words to myself for most of my life.  My self hate was  learned from bullies at school, fashion magazines, TV and the internet.

Luckily as I reached out of my comfort zone and sought help for depression, I found positive messages and was able to cultivate a sense of self-respect.

I slowly escaped from the idea that I needed makeup or a perfect body to be considered beautiful.

I chose to change my thoughts from seeing myself as a failure, to a risk taker.

It took time, but I finally love myself. Despite the occasional bad day, I refuse to return to a world of self-hate.

There is so much emphasis on looking “ideal” and being “perfect”.  Let’s start a revolution of self-love and self-acceptance.

 When I think negative thoughts about my self I can choose to change it up. 

I am beautiful because…

I love my…

My value is based on my… 


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