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Book Review “Beauty and Chaos: Slices and Morsels of Tokyo Life” by Michael Pronko

Travel broadens our minds and our hearts. By learning about new cultures and people we can discover similarities and learn to appreciate differences.

I grew up with a mother who loved to travel. We didn’t have much money, but we traveled anyway and in doing so I was introduced to a variety of people and experiences. Today I still love to travel and explore. I’m constantly learning and meeting interesting people. I’ve heard wild stories and tame ones, but each held value and gave me a gift of new knowledge. So I was thrilled when this book made it’s way to me. I was able to explore a place I’d never been and get a new outlook on Japanese culture.

Each story in Beauty of Chaos: Slices and Morsels of Tokyo Life, reminds me how much we can learn from exploring different cities, as well as our own. The author describes multiple aspects of city life in Tokyo including the unique local customs and habits of its residents.

No part of the city seems to be untouched in this book. From the conspicuous signs on buildings and numerous maps in every corner to Tokyoites interest in the color pink and the inescapable dampness of the rainy season. I especially enjoyed the humorous chapter on catching the train, or in his case, multiple trains to get home after an evening outing.

If you’re looking for an adventure without leaving home check out this book. Or, if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, read this book first and you’ll be better prepared. Buy it on Amazon.


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