D.I.Y. Therapy

D.I.Y. Therapy: Nurturing What You Want and Letting Everything Go

“What do you want to nurture?” may be one of the best questions to ask as I we start another revolution around the sun.

As I continue forward with creating a healthy life of balance, how I answers is very important. The past year has been full of grief, healing, transition, taking chances and many new friendships. Since I no longer have my mother’s presence I’ve learned to be my own “guide”, encouraging myself to be courageous, take chances, speak up and say “YES!”. I’ve failed at all of these often and it’s difficult to not allow those failures to push me backward. But I cannot go back to the fearful person I once was.

Have you ever experienced a profound lesson and were then unable to see the world as before? It’s both liberating and scary. Suddenly we have no choice but to change. We can’t unlearn. We may attempt to ignore it, but once we have new knowledge it becomes a part of us. We have changed.

  • In 2016 I want to nurture new lessons so they become habits. This means paying close attention to my thoughts, words and actions. I will have to remind myself constantly, will forget and become frustrated. However it will be worthwhile once those lessons become ingrained in my mind. It’s important t remember there will always be new lessons.
  • I want to build stronger relationships with my new friends while also nurturing old ones. I will have to keep a closer eye on my schedule. This will involve focusing on what is important without getting sidetracked. It’s important for my new friends to learn from my actions that they are important and I value their uniqueness.
  • I want to continue creating a career with what the skills I have. So instead of running from one interest to the next I must focus my energy only on my writing, on creating art, on teaching self-defense and earning enough to pay all my debts.

“What do you want to let go of?” is just as important. Think about what has stalled your journey. Is it too many distractions, fear, doubt, anger, apathy?

In 2016 I will let go of my fears and doubts.

  • I’ve held myself back from so many things like travel and education because I feel like I don’t have enough money.  Worrying about money is a waste of time. Instead, this year I will pay attention to my financial choices and make better decisions. Money is important, but it’s not the only way to get what I want. When I can’t afford something I will search for another option such as bartering and communities like the Buy Nothing Project.
  • My fear of not being good enough holds me back from following my dreams. I worry that my skills aren’t enough and that I’m old and running out of time! But how am I supposed to improve and learn new skills if I don’t use what I have. This year I commit to practice. Whether it’s in regards to self-defense, writing, art, playing the guitar or improving my spanish I know that it all hinges on actively practicing. When I hit a wall or stumble and fall I must ask for help or try a new method.

Des this sound like a lot? You are welcome to work on as little or as much as you want. What matters is YOU choosing what is most important to your true self. So look back on the past year and think about what has served you and what has stumped you. Decide what you want to nurture. Don’t stress about it or over think it. Just start creating what you truly want and start letting go of what doesn’t serve you. Make a plan, but be prepared for kinks and detours. Know that if you stay focused you will succeed, know that it’s okay to fail and that you are capable.

Todays post is inspired by the Love Warrior Community.

When you reflect on 2015, what beliefs or behaviors do you want to let go of?..Read more from “Looking Back Helps You Move Forward on The Love Warrior Community,



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2 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Therapy: Nurturing What You Want and Letting Everything Go”

  1. I enjoy your writings not solely because they are motivating, but also because within your motivating articles, you provide examples, how-tos, tips, and other practical methods of moving forward from the “feel good-ness” of a well-written article to the manifestation in our lives.

    Thank you, Leah, for once again, hitting home.


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