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How Do You Create Ripples of Compassion, Kindness and Peace?

We can and should create ripples of compassion, kindness and peace because we all deserve these things.

1446938559099We each deserve to be happy, healthy and connected. We deserve to feel like our lives are important, that our unique talents and gifts matter as much as anyone elses.

How can we create these ripples? By being true to ourselves.

When you love yourself it’s easy to love others. When you are kind to yourself it’s easy to be kind toward others. When you show yourself compassion, it’s easier to show compassion to others.

Yes it really is that simple. It’s not easy in a culture that encourages us to expect more, want more and be more than we are; often more than we can actually do. If you want to create healthy ripples start with yourself. You will naturally began to give that same love and respect to others.

Try it now.


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