The Power of Gratitude To Inspire Us Toward the Change We Want to See

Gratitude is an action that opens you up to infinite  possibilities. How often do you openly practice gratitude? 

I’ve found gratitude is a great way to inspire myself toward action. When I’m honestly grateful for something than I care more and that lights a fire in my heart to be protective.

Here is what inspired me to write this post.

Thanks to pressure from environmental organizations, scientists and people in the US and Canada President Obama finally rejected the dreaded Keystone XL pipeline.

This is something I’ve been actively petitioning, attending rallies and contacting my representatives to stop. I’m filled with gratitude about the recent decision.

The environmental action agency is sending gratitude cards to him showing our appreciation of his decision. Here is what I wrote.

Thank you for choosing to protect the soil which grows our food, the water that gives us life, the trees which clean our air and the communities where we live. Sustainable energy is our future. The Keystone XL pipeline should never be built. We belong to the earth, it does not belong to us.

Write your own gratitude card via

We already know that pollution is destroying our planet and killing us. So when will we actually join together and take the major lifestyle and cultural changes to protect out world?

How many more plastic bottles can we buy, how many more chemicals can we spray on our food,  how many more times can we support mass consumerism?

When will we stop shopping for unsustainable products, toxic beauty products and supporting unregulated factories producing all this future landfill litter?

Why aren’t more of us who know better saying NO to blindly destroying this planet that we belong to?

Who of us is ready to BE the change they want to see?

Start with gratitude.

What are you grateful for that needs your support?


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