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D.I.Y. Therapy: “Paralyzed with Indecision” – Short Video on Solving Overhwelming Problems

Do you ever feel paralyzed with indecision or fear? I certainly do! That’s why I like this method of getting clarity by removing what you don’t want from the situation presented by Blanca Vergara in the video below.

I can easily get paralyzed in overwhelming situations or when I’m feeling stressed out. Removing stuff from life that is comfortable is hard. Sometimes we keep stuff, actions or thoughts in our lives that are unhealthy, but we are either so used to it that we don’t notice or we are too scared to move forward.

I’m guilty of doing both and I know it’s hard, but we are all capable of change. Think of everything you’ve ever changed in your life, you stopped believing in Santa Claus, you (hopefully) learned to stand up against peer pressure, you learned better ways to succeed at work, you probably changed your style a few times since you were young and on and on. It’s okay to be scared and to hesitate, but to really live you need to teach yourself through practice how to move forward, let go and grow. How do you do this?

Once you realize that something or someone in your life is not what you want then it’s time to let go. If you’re unsure about something than take a break from it or them and see if your life gets better or not.  If you feel happier, and healthier than leave it there in your memories, but don’t take it forward with you in life. If you don’t feel better than you know to keep it. It’s simple, but not easy.

If you get as attached to people and things as I do than letting go is extremely hard. Over the years I’ve had to let go of friendships that I either outgrew or were unhealthy, removed foods that I loved like cheese and a lot of sugar because I felt ill after eating it, and trained my mind to overcome negative thoughts because those were keeping me depressed

Along the way I trip and fumble, but when I stay away from that which makes me feel bad I not only feel better, I am more focused, more compassionate and more aware of what is truly important to me.

So what is important to you?

For me, what’s important is living with love and compassion as well as innovation and action. I’m more into experiences and being with people who inspire me than material items. Each of us know what’s important and it is different for everyone. As you go through your life carry only what is important to you. Leave what isn’t out of your bag.

Blanca Vergara is a wise and compassionate woman who I’ve been following for a few years now. Learn more from her at Blancavergara.com/quit-analysis-paralysis


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