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Attention Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles: Break the Silence… Teach Girls Domestic Violence Awareness

Break the silence… teach girls domestic violence awareness.

Find an informative and empowering book for your daughter at

More Than Just a Girl” empowers tweens with information about self-defense, sexual assault and domestic violence in a fun activity and resource book.

Fierce” is perfect for girls in High School ready to learn about why and how they can create positive change by teaching themselves to ask questions, learn critical thinking skills, solve problems, and make healthy decisions.

You Can Fight Back” is for girls and women of all ages. It teaches both emotional and physical self-defense and how to be fierce by acquiring skills that give you a solid foundation of strength.


If you live in San Diego schedule a self-defense class for women and girls (ages 12-60+) by calling Leah at 760-487-8567 or join my Facebook group.


Please contribute to the crowdfunding campaign I’m working on, “Creating a Grassroots Oasis for Progress” at or “The Grassroots Oasis” on


 Want ideas for a healthy lifestyle free of depression? Read my other D.I.Y. Therapy posts.

Looking for books that support your personal development? Read my book reviews.

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