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Ten Scientific Steps to End Depression

If you’re serious about being happy than you must commit to change. You can’t just win the lottery or wait for a hero to save you. Depression comes from inside of us and we are the only ones that can truly heal ourselves.

I just read an article “Ten Simple Things That Will Make You Happier Backed by Science”, from Higher Perspective. I totally agree with the advice they share because it’s all steps that I used and continue using to heal myself from a lifetime of depression. Below are their 10 steps and at the end a link to their article with more details.

1. Exercise

2. Sleep

3. Shorten your daily commute

4.  Build healthy relationships

5. Get outdoors

6. Volunteer

7. Smile

8. Plan an imaginary vacation

9. Practice gratitude

10. Meditate

Get all the details at Higherperspective.com/2015/01/happy.html?utm_source=HP

Thanks Treasure Trove blog for passing this article over to me.


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