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An Invitation to Look Within – January Self-Love Challenge Writing Prompt #20

The Self-Love Diet(SLD) is about accepting all of yourself as one whole imperfectly perfect person. I joined the January 31 Day Self-Love Challenge to reinforce what I already know, that I love and want only the best for myself. In order to do that I must choose to be conscious of my thoughts and actions. I must choose to be objective and use critical thinking to be my best self and therefore have a lifetime of wonder. This challenge is a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

In this challenge we are given a writing prompt for each day of the month. Number 20 is “Seeing What You Don’t Like in Others is an Invitation to Look Within”.

In the Self-Love Diet you are invited to look within when you notice something you don’t like in someone else. When pointing the finger at someone in your life, notice the three fingers pointing back at you and ask:

#1   “What am I feeling?”

#2   “Why am I feeling this emotion?”

#3   “What do I want?”

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. The SLD tool of looking within and asking yourself these 3 questions helps you learn more about your emotional self. Once you understand what you are feeling, why you are feeling it, and what you want, you are equipped to have that important conversation without the wasteful blaming game…” ..continue reading at

Below are the answers I thought up when reading this post:

#1  “What am I feeling?” Usually anxiety, fear and doubt from situations that seem out of my hands. I feel threatened or confused and am looking for outside reassurance.

#2  “Why am I feeling this emotion?” Because I’ve taught myself to be a victim. Because I’m used to blaming others. Because I’m a human and have a range of emotions.

#3  “What do I want?” I want to stay balanced and not stress out or overreact when I’m feeling down, unsure or threatened. I want to remember that I am capable, strong and wise. I want to be fair and kind to others. I want to react out of love, not stress. I know that at my core I can do this as long as I stay focused.

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