Are you a Teenage Girl With Something to Say? Are You a Woman With Guidance and Advice to Share?

More Than Just a Girl started as a way for me to encourage girls to become strong and independent so they would not become victims of domestic and dating violence as well as  a resource on sexual assault and self-defense. It turned into a fun interactive book for tweens and a second longer book for older teens. Now it’s evolving into a blog where the girls of today can speak their mind for a stronger tomorrow!

If you are a tween or teen girl who wants to speak out about important issues and show compassion to fellow girls than you can be published on the More Than a Girl blog. Submit your story at mtjg.wordpress.com/your-voice/

Are you an older woman who learned a lesson or two? Do you wish someone had shared honest and valuable advice and guidance when you were younger? We want to hear your stories too! Submit your story at mtjg.wordpress.com/your-voice/

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