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Empowering Women With Words: It’s Nice To Be Nice International – Female Adult Literacy

As a writer and educated woman I know the power of literacy. I can’t even imagine navigating this world without the ability to read and write. So I’m sharing this campaign with you and asking you to share it as well. If you can donate $5 or $500 please do so, but if you’re strapped for cash you can still share it with those who can. 🙂

We live in a world filled with words. Turn on your smart phone, your computer, open your mailbox, look at your bookshelves – you see a world filled with words.

Now imagine that you can’t read those words, that they just look like marks on a page.

In Gambia, West Africa, 6 out of 10 women have that very experience – they cannot read. Those that are classified as illiterate cannot sign or identify their own names, read basic text messages or email.

Through our Female Adult Literacy Program, It’s Nice To Be Nice (INTBN) International provides free basic reading and writing classes for females 17 years and over.

Fatou Keita, former student:  “I used to feel very sad that I could not write my name or even read it. But now I can write and read my name among other words that I can read and write. It has brought some significant changes to my life. I feel liberated and more confident of my ability.”

The classes are designed for individuals who have not received any formal education and are taught by a multilingual instructor/educator from Gambia. And along with education INTBN also provides employment opportunities for women.


INTBN began offering literacy classes to women in Gambia in 2009. At that time the female literacy rate was 32.5%. Today, the literacy rate among woman in Gambia is 41.9%!!  We are making a difference.

Our curriculum also includes classes on female health and wellness. Not being able to read has left illiterate women at a severe disadvantage in these critical areas. We educate on issues of reproductive health and sexually transmitted infection including HIV/AIDS as well as general health and well-being.


Our goal is to raise $25, 000 for 2015 in order to educate 60 women.

Participation in our 8-month literacy program for one woman is provided at the cost of $350. This low cost includes all administrative costs, teachers, supplies as well as FREE transportation to all of our program participants.

It’s Nice to Be Nice (INTBN) is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations and contributions to INTBN are tax deductible.  Our organization has been registered in The Gambia since Feb of 2005 as a charity organization. 

Join us in changing lives thru the gift of literacy.

FUND and SHARE this Campaign at Indiegogo.com/projects/female-adult-literacy-program

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