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Are You Prepared? Clarifying the Myths of Self-Defense for Women and Girls

There’s a lot of advice for women on how to defend themselves against an assault. The advice ranges from smart to ridiculous and if you haven’t been trained in self-defense you may be confused about what actually works. I recommend this article “9 Myths About Self-Defense” by Women’s Health Magazine.

As a self-defense instructor I agree with the advice except for #2, which says you shouldnt bother screaming. In fact you should scream to get attention if someone threatens you and while you are attacking. In my class I have students yell “FIRE” or scream with each strike. Chances are the idiot attacking you will be stronger and bigger so making noise can draw attention to scare him/her away or encourage someone to help you. Yelling fire is more likely to attract attention than “help” or “rape” because people automatically hear “fire” and think of their own safety.

I really like #8, which says don’t back away. When you’re being attacked you have much more force by moving into your attacker. They are also expecting you to pull away so you have a slight advantage by fighting back quickly. If you’re being pulled into them use their force to really kick them hard in the knee or groin. You can also slam your fist or elbow into their solar plexus(right above the stomach) for a painful blow.

Check out the full article at Womenshealthmag.com/life/self-defense-techniques

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