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Women Roar: Five Reasons to Love Zerlina Maxwell

Zerlina Maxwell is a political analyst, speaker and freelance writer. Here are five reasons to add her to your list of amazing role models.

1. She successfully created the hashtag #rapecultureiswhen to continue the conversation about how rape is significantly embedded in our culture and that we need to end it now.

2. One of my favorite Zerlina moments is when she stands up to victim-blamer Sean Hannity by explaining that we need to focus on teaching men not to rape, as opposed to blaming women by teaching them to prevent rape.

3. She supports the Monument Quilt which is a public space by and for survivors of rape and abuse. Zerlinamaxwell.com/msnbc-com-monument-quilt-provides-healing-for-survivors-of-sexual-assault/

4. In 2011 she consulted with the US State Department to teach students in the West Bank how to use social media for creating sustainable change.

5. She’s vocal about racism and sexism like in her article “Where is the Million Hoodie March for Renisha McBride


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Zerlina Maxwell is a posiitve role model for women and girls.

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