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Book Review: “Nip It: Stop Negativity Moment by Moment” by Kristen Fredricks and Jeanie Wade

downloadHow many times a day do you curse at a stranger or yourself, slip into a bad mood, or feel angry at small problems? Life is unfair and that makes each of our days full of pitfalls and potholes to fall into and trip over. We have the ability to not get mad, but often allow the negatives to rule our world. This book offers a refreshing solution to our angst by using short stories we can all relate to coupled with a few simple steps to recognize, pause, and nip our negativity in the “butt”.
In addition to the stories the book includes a tree graph that shows you the nip it process, making for a handy resource for home and work. From my own experience with problem solving and individual growth I recommend this book for anyone who is on a course to change their life into one of balance and emotional stability. By stopping the hundreds of negative thoughts we may be creating each day, we can focus on far greater challenges and obstacles that we are bound to encounter.
As someone who knows the darkside of depression and spent 17 years being very negative I like finding books such as this one that teach skills to be our best selves. Changing how we react to situations is not an overnight change. We must take the time to use what we learn in our daily practice. When I finally committed to changing my life I felt great and it started off really well, but I had moments of slipping back into old habits. How I saved myself is by recognizing those moments and consciously choosing a positive course of action.
Awful things still happen like being late for work and really tough times like losing my mother, but the difference is now I stop myself from spiraling down. I remember what I want out of life, take a moment to allow the pain to be present, and then I move forward. Usually the pain subsides immediately, but other times I move forward through the pain until I’m free. The choice is mine. Sometimes you have to deal with an issue and sometimes you have to walk away. This book is one of many tools that can assist you in living a healthier life. Grab your copy at

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