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I Know What I Want… How Do I Get It?

This is an account of my journey to find an ideal career. I want what most people want; work that doesn’t just pay bills, but fills me with a feeling of accomplishment. It is not too much to ask for a job that aligns with my passions, my ethics, and allows me to learn as I go long.

My life has neer been conventional. I grew up experiencing different paths. My mother started off in medical school, owned a restaurant, worked as a representative to a highly revered artist, remodeled homes, co-owned and operated a large hotel, along a few other jobs as well as a full-time awesome mom. We moved often and were a mix of traditional and progressive. My family is intellectual, liberal multi-racial, open minded, and modern.

I know there is more than one path to take. I know that a “9-5 work week/party on the weekends” life is not for me. I just don’t know how to find or create a career that will allow me to live unconventionally and be true to myself. How do I stop veering towards a life I don’t want because I see it so often in my community and the media? How do I stay true to my own uncharted path?

Today I have compiled a list of what I want and don’t want in my career. If you have any suggestions for the right career or job for me please share in a comment below.

I know what I want:

~A career that involves solving problems, community outreach and some time spent outdoors.

~My ideal income is a minimum of $40,000 year.

~To work with people who are open-minded, progressive and racially diverse.

~Mentally stimulating, challenging work in an intellectual, but not classist environment.
I know what type of job I don’t want:

~No high pressure sales job, retail, food service, or stuck in an office all day.

~No team members or a boss who is into drama.

~No sitting around waiting to work, I want to be busy, but not rushed.
 I’ve learned so much in my 30+ year, but how do I turn my best skills into a career?


~Self defense for women

~Community volunteerism

~Computer and social media knowledge


~Compassion and acceptance

~Problem solving

~Stress maangement

4 thoughts on “I Know What I Want… How Do I Get It?”

  1. Thanks for the resource. I am a fan of the Waldorf education system. Teaching peopel and especially youth about gardening sounds like a dream career. 🙂


  2. Leah, you may be under-selling yourself. I suggest you make a list of your accomplishments that align with the stated mission of organizations you most admire and then set your intention to get your foot in the doors of them to see if any of their open positions match your goals. I can’t imagine anything you cannot achieve once you set your mind to it.


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