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Breaking Past Impossible: You Are More Than You Think

I was reading this blog post about how our challenges are the key to career success by Kim Hilman, and one sentence by the author jumped out at me. “I’ve always believed that each of us is more than we think we are – that we are capable of far more than we realize.”

I agree wholeheartedly  with that statement. The older and wiser I grow the more I see that yes we are much more than we think. Not believing that used to stop me from growing and reaching for personal and career aspirations. Finally seeing that “impossible” is just a challenge has led me on a journey to become my greatest self. It’s an amazing feeling to know you are capable.

This realization was a breakthrough in ending my seemingly permanent depression. A major reason I loathed myself was because I felt stuck in a life that was going nowhere because I mistakenly believed that what I knew at the time was all there was for me. For some reason I convinced myself that my chance to succeed was over if I hadn’t made enough strides before I was 30.

Where do we get these ridiculous ideas of limits? Society of course! We are constantly told to shoot for the stars when we are younger, but as we get older we are told to be responsible, find one thing you are good at and nothing more. Yeesh! Of course we have free will, but if you get that message enough along with hundreds of other messages about what’s right or wrong, beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid, then our minds become limited. Throw in some doubt, depression, or fear and you have a recipe for expecting nothing more than a disappointing life.

How do I know that I’m more than I think and thus so are you? Look at how much you have changed over the years. In the beginning you were dependent on a guardian to clean, clothe, and feed you. At one point you didn’t know how to read, drive, cook, solve math problems, live on your own, graduate college, etc., etc. We are constantly growing and learning. There is no set age. When my great-grandfather was in his 90’s he said that he was surprised at how much his mind had changed since he was in his 80’s. That is proof enough that we are capable of more than we think. We are always growing.

So now that you know you are more than you think it’s time to move forward with life. Continue with your education both mentally and emotionally. Learn for your career or degree and your mental health or independence. Be your greatest self!

Below are three articles about being more than you think and not allowing limits to hold you back.

Berivan Eilf Kilic was married at 15 and beaten by her husband. After 13 years she had enough of that limiting life. She divorced her abuser and worked to become the first female mayor of her town. How amazing is that! http://www.thedailybeast.com/witw/articles/2014/04/10/former-child-bride-is-elected-mayor-in-turkey.html

Then there is this 12 year old girl who already understands that limits imposed by others will not stop her from being her greatest self. Madison Kimrey wrote a letter to Phyllis Schlafely(a hypocritical anti-feminist) calling her out for trying to limit girls of this new generation with unrealistic and silly ideas.  http://samuel-warde.com/2014/04/open-letter-phyllis-schlafly-12-year-old-madison-kimrey-guest-post/

“How’s You’re Mindset” by Jane Claypool is another insightful article that goes along with this idea. http://janeclaypool.com/2014/04/14/hows-your-mindset/


What do you want to be and do in this short life?

What limits are holding you back from your greatest self?

What personal beliefs are stopping you from shooting for the stars?

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Past Impossible: You Are More Than You Think”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Thanks for linking back! And you are right – society does have alot to do with our limiting beliefs. You can only be your best self and live your best life when you look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’re capable of rather than asking someone else. Every person on the planet has unlimited potential. Some of us will be able to do more than others, but we can all do more and be more than we are.


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