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I Know What I Want… How Do I Get It?

This is an account of my journey to find an ideal career. I want what most people want; work that doesn’t just pay bills, but fills me with a feeling of accomplishment. It is not too much to ask for a job that aligns with my passions, my ethics, and allows me to learn as I go long.

My life has neer been conventional. I grew up experiencing different paths. My mother started off in medical school, owned a restaurant, worked as a representative to a highly revered artist, remodeled homes, co-owned and operated a large hotel, along a few other jobs as well as a full-time awesome mom. We moved often and were a mix of traditional and progressive. My family is intellectual, liberal multi-racial, open minded, and modern.

I know there is more than one path to take. I know that a “9-5 work week/party on the weekends” life is not for me. I just don’t know how to find or create a career that will allow me to live unconventionally and be true to myself. How do I stop veering towards a life I don’t want because I see it so often in my community and the media? How do I stay true to my own uncharted path?

Today I have compiled a list of what I want and don’t want in my career. If you have any suggestions for the right career or job for me please share in a comment below.

I know what I want:

~A career that involves solving problems, community outreach and some time spent outdoors.

~My ideal income is a minimum of $40,000 year.

~To work with people who are open-minded, progressive and racially diverse.

~Mentally stimulating, challenging work in an intellectual, but not classist environment.
I know what type of job I don’t want:

~No high pressure sales job, retail, food service, or stuck in an office all day.

~No team members or a boss who is into drama.

~No sitting around waiting to work, I want to be busy, but not rushed.
 I’ve learned so much in my 30+ year, but how do I turn my best skills into a career?


~Self defense for women

~Community volunteerism

~Computer and social media knowledge


~Compassion and acceptance

~Problem solving

~Stress maangement