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Seeing Girls in the Media Building, Creating, Engineering

I love the recent pushback against marketing princess and sweetness to little girls. I often wonder if I would have been a happier teen had there been more feminism in my childhood toys and interests. I  had a feminist mom, trailed after my older brother and sister playing outside, rode a bike, built with Legos, liked science and math, and enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons, but then puberty happened. My goals changed. I grasped onto the message of my peers and the media.  I became more interested in being attractive to boys so I could have my happily ever after, more into fashion so I could look like a model, and increasingly insecure until my late 20’s.

So in the spirit of giving the following generations of girls sustainable interests not based on their looks or marrying a charming prince here are some videos that I hope you will share with the girls and boys in your life. Yes, the boys too because they need to see and expect girls and women in capable roles and not just as sex objects.

Raven’s Mini-Ramp:


Science Girl shows the effect of dirty weather:


Girls are learning how to program with Black Girls Code.

Girls Build Rockets for Field Trip:

It’s harder than I thought to find videos of young girls pursuing STEM interests. I hope you like the ones I found today and I will continue my search to share more with you soon. If you found an empowering video or commercial with girls please share in a comment below.

Here are a few resources to share with girls you know.




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