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International Anti-Street Harassment Week With Hollaback

Hooray for the women and men of New York City who are stepping up to end our nasty cultural tradition of street harassment.

Up To You Project

Nobody likes walking down the street and being harassed. Unfortunately it has become a cultural norm for men to harass women on the street with catcalls, vulgar language, and sexualization. Last week however people around the world took to the streets to protest this new normal with International Anti-Street Harassment Week.

Street Harassment Protest. Photo credit: Sayfty Street Harassment Protest. Photo credit: Sayfty

In support of this weeklong protest for human rights Hollaback! co-hosted a rally against street harassment in New York last week. The event was co-sponsored by 46 organizations and included over 20 speakers, short workshops on bystander intervention, using dance to address street harassment, and “cats against catcalls” facepainting. The event was funded with gracious support from the Caruso Foundation.

Cats against Catcals. Photocredit Sayfty Cats against Catcalls. Photo credit: Sayfty

Street harassment is a form of gender violence against women and LGBTQ individuals. “But it is rarely reported, and it’s culturally accepted as ‘the price you…

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