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It’s Offical: Alabama Hates Womens Health Rights

As women we must constantly fight for our health rights, among all our other rights. The state of Alabama is one of those terrible states that apparently dislikes women to have power over their health. Here are a few articles from the National Partnership for Women and Families. I recommend subscribing to their updates so when your state is under attack from women haters you can take action!

Alabama Anti-Abortion Rights Bill Heads to Governor.

Alabama Admitting Privileges Lawsuit Will Proceed.

Alabamas Bills Would Set Some of Nations Harshest Abortion Restrictions.

It’s aggravating that something as unavoidable as my gender could determine whether or not I have rights. How in the world did we evolve into a world where women are considered less important than men? More importantly though, how can we end this hateful oppression of women?

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4 thoughts on “It’s Offical: Alabama Hates Womens Health Rights”

  1. I see. I can see the women there holding mostly conservative stances, being a southern state and all. It would probably be pretty much that way down south where I am. Whatever the case, it’s not an easy decision (unplanned pregnancy) and a very personal one.


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