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Stop Typecasting American Movies and TV Shows: Enough is Enough I’m Done Supporting Racist Media

Aside from being overly white, mass media is predictable and boring. I’m supporting indie media that knows most everyone, especiallly us gringos who grew up in multi racial families, don’t want to see the same vanilla look and plot line in every show and movie.  I can look back and almost every movie I’ve loved from childhood is full of typecasting. I hardly watch anything, but these days I won’t even watch a movie that looks promising if the trailer is all white.

Check out this clever parody song about typecasting by Tess Paras. It’s short and funny.

………………….If you like this blog check out my books on Amazon.com or Leahis.com and share this article with your friends. Let’s end typecasting in mass media and set an example of how amazingly diverse our world is! Together our voices will create sustainable change.

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