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From Unknown Writer to Huff Post Official Blogger – The Screen Life

I’m always so happy to share the success of a fellow blogger and even more so today since this particular writer, Aaron Fram, is a childhood friend! His blog The Screen Life  revolves around film, TV, and internet and it has been acquired by the Huffington Post; that megasized internet newspaper created by Arianna Huffington.

What does this collaboration mean for a lesser known blogger? He will make money from writing and get thousands (hopefully) of new viewers each day; thus expanding his brand name and portfolio. For myself, a blogger who has just over 100 subscribers that’s really impressive. It’s so exciting to see other writers and artists succeed. My hopeful feelings increase and my spirit soars at the idea that I too can succeed if I keep trying, writing, moving forward.

I’m a big fan of HP, because it was created by a talented and strong women who authored one of my favorite books “On Becoming Fearless“.  I also love the HP because they focus heavily on social and environmental issues.

“This is an exciting announcement for us, mostly for the blog itself, but also for the history being made. The dollar amount of this deal is an unprecedented one for a blog of this size and youth. I feel it’s a bit gauche to talk specifics of money, but well, I’m just too damn excited to not say something! It’s public record now anyway, so feel free to look it up yourself if you want. Still, I’ll let the financial mags wrestle over the economic significance. Over here, we’re all confetti and cake!” Read more….

UPDATE: This was a April Fools prank, a hopeful one that snookered my optimistic tendencies. LOL! THis is why you shoud do your research before you publish articles; even trusted sources an be misleading. 😉 http://thescreenlife.com/2014/04/02/april-fools-or-was-it/

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