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The Unending Parade of Predictable Marketing Through Commercials.

I just watched a video about how pathetic marketing has become. 

Now do you see why I am bored with mass media?

It’s predictable, bland, obnoxious, but most of all, it’s FAKE.  I yearn for more in my entertainment so I consumed less for a while. I’d like to say I ended my consumption,  but now I find myself browsing FB, Tumblr, and YouTube at my loneliest moments just for some interaction, some semblance of a social life.

I suppose it brings me back to a time when I wasn’t bored or more honestly, a time when I craved to be like the people in these commercials: productive, smiling, in a group of my peers doing something spectacular. Mass media has let that younger version of me down, the girl who wanted to be popular or at least not bullied at school just so I could have these experiences that aren’t een realistic. Escapism is attractive.

Do you see why the idea of going shopping to support the mindless people behind these ads feels ridiculous, or how much I wish there was a movie I wanted to see in theaters? The fantasy of shopping and accruing material possessions is no longer my desire even though it used to be my obsession. From the multitude of movies I consumed in my youth, there are no more surprises, only canned laughter.  (Well nothing I want to see other than the upcoming Cesar Chavez documentary. Historical reenactment movies are actually enjoyable to me)

Do you see why the idea of leaving it all behind and spending my time foraging in the national parks just so I can strip down to a real me who is happy without things or constant timuation, sounds almost logical at this point? Or why my continuation of going to an uninspiring job, making sure I look good enough to be there is dulling my insides?

Do you see how we have all been duped into having and wanting more, more, more?

Do you see how harmful the media we support has become to our society?

Does this sound like you?

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