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Literal News: An Outside Library, A New Archivist Blog, A World Wide Search for Books, and an Art Book Contest for Teens,

I LOVE to read!  Yea, I know big shocker that a writer likes to read. I also love to read about projects considering literacy and books, cool libraries and such. Here is z collection of literal news I recently found.

Outside library in downtown Carlsbad, CA. Photo Credit: Leah Oviedo

There is an odd library in the city of Carlsbad, CA. It is an outside wall covered in shelves stuffed full of books that are free for the taking. See the photo on the left. Granted some of the books were quite worn down, the majority are in good condition. You just can’t beat the social aspect of a free outside library.  Visitors are encouraged to donate a book or some cash in the locked box, but this is totally on the honor system.

If I had loads of money I would just donate fifty or so of my own books and consider it both marketing and community support.

If you want to find an archivist to review one of your books you might enjoy this blog called the Treasure Trove. interestingly, she(my intelligent and talented cousin) also blogs about organ transplants from her experience as a organ receiver.

I recently stumbled upon a project to bring together books from around the world. The World Bookshop Challenge is a project to “to give an idea of the number of countries that have books represented on the shelves of the average bookshop.”

For teen artists there is the It Came From A Book contest where participants read a book and create a piece of art inspired by the story. It’s free to enter and the deadline is November 1st.

 What Literal News Did I Miss? Please share in a comment below.

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