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Becoming Aware of Traumatic Responses Helps Victims Become Survivors

How aware of your emotional responses are you? Do you fall down and give up or do you fall down and try again? Once we can be aware of our learned responses to tragedy or violence we can stop those assaults from overpowering us.

Those instances where we get knocked back down are what keep some people as perpetual victims. If we can’t see that it will get better, or focus on all we did accomplish then of course we don’t have hope. We will give up if we don’t have hope. That’s just human nature. I still get angry or sad sometimes, but I am strong enough to see that these are my normal responses to problems. It doesn’t make me weak, but stronger every time I notice a negative response and choose to behave differently.

Read about one persons experiences with this lesson on the “From a Whisper to a Roar” blog. http://fromawhispertoaroar.com/2013/10/06/lessons-in-battle-fighting-the-compensation-system She sums it all up with this statement  “…psychological responses to traumas remain the same.” We are not perfect. We will face obstacles even when we are strong and successful.  It’s how we learn to be aware of and stop those ingrained responses that allow us to move forward.

Once you know that there are actions you can take to reclaim your life than you can consciously choose to use that new skill to thrive. I am okay with having bad days. Finally being able to see that tragedy will scar, but not destroy me is the greatest gift.

What ingrained responses do you have that hinder you?

What ingrained responses do you have that help you?

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2 thoughts on “Becoming Aware of Traumatic Responses Helps Victims Become Survivors”

  1. I know I am late reading this – I have kept it as unread in my inbox for these 2 months because I knew I wanted to ensure I had the time take it all in! During that time, I was given a book about ‘tapping’ which addresses these things, too. I have yet to finish the book – and actually am reading it to rid myself of migraines, but it focuses on pre-conditioned responses – and am hoping that between your suggestions/reminders and the book to boot my life as a whole will improve. Thank you so much for the reminder that bad days are okay, too!


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