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What We Can Create: A Call for Enterprising and Intelligent People

I LOVE to read about people who design a new solution, create sustainable energy,  and tinker until they innovate a better product.  Building something from hand creates such a unparalleled feeling of accomplishment. Like child(or adult) who finally learns to read, it is so fulfilling to know that you are capable of fixing a problem or improving a situation based on your own intelligence.

Here are two stories of enterprising people and their amazing innovation.

Joyce Nansamba creates coal out of garbage and soil.  Despite being 70 years of age she learned a new skill that conserves trees, saves money, and even helps her neighbors. http://www.monitor.co.ug/artsculture/Reviews/The+70+year+old+who+makes+charcoal+out+of+garbage/-/691232/1967820/-/10rwqrh/-/index.html

Luis Szaran started a program to share the power of music by teaching underprivelidged  youth to play instruments.  Soon they had more interested participants than instruments. With the help of a innovative man named Cola, they solved that problem by turning trash into musical instruments. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqeaBonSPQA (there are subtitles)

What will you create?

What problem do you need to solve?

If you are proud of a problem you solved please share it in a comment below.


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